Java was born of the will to combine flavor, health, food safety and environmental awareness, all in one product.

We make high quality chocolate, with special cacao, for everyone who enjoy savoring good food, even celiac, vegan and allergic ones.

The Purpose

JAVA was created so people on restrictive diets (by choice or not) could eat a delicious chocolate, made with noble ingredients, and be sure that food won't hurt them.

We want people that appreciate international standard chocolate, get to know and value our Brazilian, ethical chocolatemade of high quality ingredients and directly traded cacao.

We dedicate time and effort to position chocolate in its very own place: not a simple candy, but a healthy food, that can be part of our daily routine.

So, we dream about this magical food being part of the life of any person, in any diet, any age and any social class.

Our Products

We make bean to bar chocolate, using using all natural high quality ingredients strictly following good manufacturing practices, including allergen control.

As important as being tasteful, is being safe. Everyone can delight in our chocolates, from the to the child allergic to cow's milk to the renowned gastronomic critic who values ​​local ingredients.

We trace the ingredients to ensure food safety, and our formulas are balanced prioritizing the taste and preserving the nutritional characteristics of the food.

JAVA for everyone

From classics to unusual combinations, we are here to provide a different chocolate taste everyday.

Our chocolate goes from the mild 40% coconut milk to the super intense 100% dark, vegan white chocolate, bonbon and filled chocolate bar!

They can be sugarless or sweetened with natural sweeteners like xylitol, erythritol, coconut sugar, demerara sugar or the classic cane sugar.

All of then are gluten-free, dairy free, soy free. Made of directly traded brazilian cacao.

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